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Term And Condition

Following successful application, interview and entrance assessment, pupils who register their acceptance of a place are required to pay a deposit (see fee structure). The deposit is not refundable if your child does not take up a place at the School. This application does not necessarily reserve a place. The reservation of a place is conditional on the payment of the deposit. If a child is offered a place at the School, such an offer will be subject to the School’s terms and conditions for the provision of education services which will bind us (as the holders of parental responsibility for him/her) in the event (and from the moment) that we accept the place. Where applicable, the School may request from our child’s present school or educational institution: (a) information and a reference in respect of our child; and/or (b) information about any outstanding fees and/or supplemental charges. The Head Teacher has the right to require the removal of any pupil whose conduct is unacceptable or whose work is not of a satisfactory standard. In such cases, no refund of any part of the term’s fees is given.
I agree to the terms and conditions